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Impulse Spending - Featuring your wallet

I seem to be doing alright, but I've noticed my smaller typically needless expenses are piling up around me throwing my budget off and I can't seem to figure it out. If you're like the person above and have a hard time getting that final grip on your finances this is definitely the place for you. Most people today are unsatisfied with their finances for one reason or another, but a lot of these issues seem to stem from large amounts of needless spending on a regular basis. A coffee here. A donut there. A reward for having a good spending week....after 3 days. That one pair of shoes you've had your eye on forever that just went on sale. Whatever the reason, there. is. always. a. reason. to. spend. money. On this post we'll explore some of the reasons NOT to spend money. Once we get both of these concepts in line hopefully it'll be a little more clear where your loyalties lie when it comes to your spending habits.

The Problem Back to always having a reason to sp…

Lending Club - A User Review

I recently applied for a personal loan through the up and coming loan company called Lending Club to take care of some appliance purchases I'm doing for my home. It ended up being a much larger hassle than I expected and Lending Club came out the shining star in a field of ashes so I've tossed together a quick run down of my experience that might be useful to one or two of you.

If you don't know Lending Club is a new loan program launching us into the future of online, easy to get loans without any risk to a single group using peer to peer lending. They do this by acting as the middle man, holding the documents and interfacing with the customers. On the back end your loan is supplied by many different groups of funds to make out the amount you're searching for. It's an extraordinary option for investers and loan recipients alike. You can read more about it here, which is also where that picture came from.
Quick and easy.Minimal information required.Smal…

Home Buying - Cash or Credit?

I've been saving up for a house for a while. I heard it's better to wait to actually be able to afford things than go into debt.

How's it going guys?! As you've noticed by the title we'll be discussing home buying today! One of my favorite topics and one many people have questioned for years. I'll toss some numbers at you today and you can continue deciding your plan from there.  The biggest point of controversy is whether to save save save save save and buy your house outright OR take on a sizable amount of debt to get into your dream house early. Right now we'll be discussing the facts, and my personal opinion on the situation.

To get this all started off we'll go ahead and get some quick info out of the way for buying a house outright to see where we stand and elaborate on it later:
Pros:No debt hanging over your head to stress you out.If repairs come up you'll be more financially flexible enough to tackle it.If you decide home buying isn't …

Financial Faux Pas

"I'm barely an adult, how can anyone expect me to make these financial decisions."

Are you confident about your financial situation? Like really confident? Are you sure you're making the best decisions with your money to maximize every penny you might need in the coming months? Some of you might say yes and just use the post to compare notes. For a majority of the country though this is a struggle dealt with every waking hour. From the overdue card balances. "Which card should I pay off first?" "Should I save and buy my house outright?" "To simply, would this new monthly payment be worth it in the overall picture?"

Unfortunately, I can't give you exact answers to all of these situations, but I can point you in the right direction to making the best and most crucial decisions with your money, possibly saving you thousands of dollars a year in missed opportunities. The main portions of this discussion tackled today will be:

Cutting cos…